What is myMUSICroyalties?

myMUSICroyalties is a free tool to help the creative music community identify available music royalties in the United States. This website is brought to you by the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (AARC). AARC is a nonprofit organization that was created by the US music industry to administer hometaping royalties as mandated by the Audio Home Recording Act (AHRA) of 1992. AHRA established the right for the public to make private copies for personal use. In exchange for this right, AHRA established a royalty to compensate artists, labels, songwriters, and publishers for the private copying of their works. The royalties are paid by the manufacturers/importers and distributors of blank digital media and certain digital audio home recording devices. A Board of Directors including, well-known industry lawyers, managers, and record company executives, oversees AARC. Visit our website to learn more about AARC, www.aarcroyalties.com.

What's the purpose of this website?

We created this website to help featured artists, non-featured artists, record labels, publishers, writers, composers, etc. to identify music royalties. AARC works with over 100,000 artists and record labels around the world. Our goal is to ensure that our members receive all the royalties they have earned based on their private copy and rental rights. However, we don't believe it ends there. Because there are so many different types of royalties, it can be difficult and confusing to wade your way through them. This website will help you get started.

What else can myMUSICroyalties do for me?

Our sole purpose is educating you on the legitimate royalty sources to collect from. We do not provide the following types of services: legal advice, anti-piracy, negotiating record deals, or licensing.

What does this mean for you?

Use our site as a guide. We direct you to industry-respected organizations that administer music royalties. We will not refer you to third party or for-profit royalty collectors. This service is free of charge and doesn't require you to sign up with AARC or to pay anything to use this tool.

How about foreign royalties?

In addition to US copyright royalties, there are many types of foreign copyright royalties that you may be entitled to collect. Music royalties and copyright laws differ greatly by country. Many of the U.S. royalty organizations mentioned on this website have agreements with foreign royalty organizations that could benefit you. We encourage you to sign up with US royalty organizations for worldwide royalties collection. By permitting the US organizations to represent you worldwide, you are benefitting from the domestic and international experience held by the legal teams in these organizations. If you opt to attempt to collect foreign royalties directly from the foreign organization, please make sure that you have not already authorized a US organization to collect the money for you.